Thursday, 27 August 2009

Yes we can, if you do!

NGOs around the world, including The Darling Trust, are being hit hard by the current economy as their sources of funding continue to dry up. As Pieter-Dirk Uys, our patron says, "A difficult economy demands a more creative approach. Instead of just giving up, we’re rising to the challenge and having fun as we go! We need to ensure that Darling and The Darling Trust are able to continue the good work.”

Part of this more diverse and creative approach to fundraising at The Darling Trust is our fundraising website launched in August 2009. The website is specifically geared towards raising funds for the Darling Health and Sport Centre. This Centre will include, a quarter-size Olympic swimming pool with necessary infrastructure including secure fencing, a multi-purpose Activities Centre and an Early Childhood Development Centre. Thus far R1,5 million has been raised, with a further R1million required.

Please consider supporting this fantastic Centre! Online donations can be made via our website

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