Wednesday, 26 August 2009

September in Darling is fantastic!

Hi everyone,

Sorry things have been so quiet on the blog lately. It is high season in Darling and some VERY exciting projects are in the pipeline.

Every year when Voorkamerfest rolls around there's a real buzz in the air and this year is no different. There are two fantastic workshops taking place at the moment in the run up to Voorkamerfest next weekend. One of the workshops is a dance workshop run by CrossTown DH. What an amazing group of people, and wow, they can dance! The other workshop being run is a film workshop. Stefan Hurter is training kids in Darling how to film a live event. The kids will then form a film crew (The No1 Film Crew) and film Voorkamerfest. We have some great plans in the pipeline for the film crew!

New Newsletter format
After careful consideration and talking to you, our supporters, we've decided to change the format of our newsletter. It will still be sent out via email and available on our website, but it will only be sent out on a quarterly basis. The newsletter will also be longer, and include more photos and video! The first of the 'new' newsletters will be launched at the start of September, so check back soon!

Darling Children's Book Fair
The Darling Children's Book Fair is just around the corner. Children can attend the festival for free, but the entry fees paid by adults will be given to The Darling Trust to put towards our education and literacy projects.

That's all the news I can give you for now. To hear more, check back soon and read our Spring Newsletter!

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